Centennial Group Of Companies

The Brief

Centennial Group of Companies established in 2018 is a privately held enterprise headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan. Centennial Group has developed long-term and mutually beneficial relations with prominent players in the Oil & Gas Industry, International Trading, Construction, Financial Sector and Consultancy Services. Centennial Group is operational in Pakistan, with its Partners/Associates present in USA, UAE, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya & Qatar.

Our approach is hands-on where our motto is “we do not provide a service, we deliver results”. Sometimes, we find it necessary to take a further step into the organization. In such cases, we become 100% operational through temporary Interim positions or through contract-based assignments. We usually present clear directives and advice to our clients and then, implement those directives alongside our clients. Your success in the marketplace comes first to us because we know that if you succeed, we also succeed.






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