How to Use ChatGPT

03 January 2023

AI(Artificial Intelligence) started making its place in the headline of newspapers and on radio broadcasts in the mid of 20th century. From the first invention of the giant anthropomorphic robot to today’s latest invented smart search engine program—ChatGPT, it is serving humanity. Although, it was hard to estimate the trajectory of AI technology a few decades ago. But after the invention of the latest ChatGPT tool, netizens and tech enthusiasts are raising concerns for humans and Google’s future

Do you want to know exactly what this ChatGPT is and how to use it practically? Or will ChatGPT replace or turn down google in the near future? Then hoover down the article to get a comprehensive answer to all your questions. But let us tell first that ChatGPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, launched by OpenAI(research-based laboratory in San Francisco) on December 13, 2022. This highly sophisticated chatbot has set the internet and tech industries by storm with its ultra-advanced AI power.

Made with GPT (largest neural network) third-generation technology, this chatbot is moduled with 175 billion machine learning parameters. As a result, it is trained to possess many technical inputs like:

  • Generating any type of text using data in realistic human text.
  • Creating content like poetry, articles, blog posts, advertisement copy, and stories.
  • Processing complex programming code without error.
  • Creating websites by giving a few necessary instructions

However, all the hype is worth it because this Natural Language Processing Model (NLPM) is capable of generating human-like text. It works like a search engine that answers all complicated and complex human questions in a conversational format. Based on OpenAI’s powerful GPT-3 technology, it beats down its previously released sibling AI image generator—Dall-E 2 and dominates the internet.

The interface of ChatGPT is fairly easy and user-friendly. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to get a preview of ChatGPT. All you need to do is get yourself register on the OpenAI website and login into your ChatGPT account. For now, OpenAI has set the ChatGPT tool free to use for anyone from anywhere. Because to date, this ultra-advanced bot is under research. So let’s head to the first step!

Register your Account

The process is simple and the same as when logging into other accounts. You have two options to get yourself registered.

Firstly, you can register your account by choosing your frequently used google or Microsoft account.

Secondly, you can manually log in to the white bar by entering your email address.

Lastly, you will be asked to enter your valid phone number after filling in the required credentials.

Remember to add your active content number because you will receive a confirmation code to enter in the respective row to complete the registration setup.

Head to the Interface of ChatGPT

Now you are ready to use this powerful language model. Moving towards the interface of ChatGPT, as stated before, ChatGPT has a straightforward and effortless web page. It pops up on your screen with a text box at the bottom of the page to add your query. You can enter any scientific question, academic-related assignment, blog post generating command, ask for creating n add copy for you, and whatnot. But do you want to know the best practices to make the most of your questions? Scroll down!

Best Practice to Use ChatGPT

You can ask any question or type any statement to get your desired result. However, for accurate and specific results, it would be best to enter your statement or question more precisely and peculiarly, for example, instead of entering “what the big bang theory is.” You can enter “explain big bang theory” for more accurate and pinpointed output. This practice is backed and resourced by OpenAI and ChatGPT inventors.

Let’s look at the examples below that you can implement to use ChatGPT in your workflow and academic research. One of the most interesting ways to use it is you can add a long post and can give commands to shorten that post while maintaining the quality and tone of the post. Plus, you can also ask some funny questions to test this smart tool instead of asking technical questions. Like:

  • Learning something by adding queries like how to play the piano or taking a dog for a walk.
  • Leveraging your experience by entering commands like, produce me a copy for Y purpose for Z company.
  • Generating blog posts or crafting an article by entering the topic and keywords.

Can ChatGPT Replace google?

Undoubtedly, Google is an all-in-one and go-to search engine for millions of people. It retrieves your desired result by retrieving the most accurate data from its database in nanoseconds. Likewise, the chatbot repossesses the most relevant data from millions of pre-installed data within seconds. In addition to answering queries, it can also generate AI-based content like blog posts, add copy, press releases, and academic research.

This raises the concerns of google users and business owners about wheater chatbot is a threat to google. OR is the era of google will end in the upcoming future like millennials? Here is the glance of Google’s AI division, Jeff Dean, over this conversation “chatbot is in its initial research process, and people can not totally rely on it because of its limitations and data error concerns.” At the same time, Google has built its authority over its users in past years and still improving its AI for better results.

Google is also experimenting with LaMDA-like natural language models, which may find their way into future products. Similarly, OpenAI creators are also not making big claims about their chatbot tool. As for now, it is not too mature to be a go-to search engine on which users can totally rely.


As for now, taking all the claims and tweets of OpenAI founders as well as Google’s CEO, we can sum up that no doubt ChatGPT can be very useful to help you in your projects and research, But it still needs to be tested and run by higher authority to make a big claim. You need to be cautious while following the instruction given by this tool and don’t depend totally no matter how much convincing they are. As OpenAI CEO Sam Altman tweeted on December 10 that” ChatGPT is OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said in a tweet on December 10, “ChatGPT is “far from perfect” and “it’s not recommended for anything important right now.”